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Current Technologies CLC has a Guaranteed to Run (GTR) schedule for all the newest technology in the industry. Don’t worry enroll with confidence when booking your next training, any class that appears on our "Guaranteed to Run" page or is marked "GTR" will not cancel so that you can make plans to attend class. Find your course below, select the date, location and delivery format that suits you. Don’t delay as our Guaranteed to Run classes tend to fill up quickly!

Id Courses Dates Actions
341  Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) V2.0  03/18/2024 - 03/22/2024 Enroll Now
1383  NEW Configuring, Administering, and Troubleshooting Cisco Webex Calling (Webex-CALL)  03/11/2024 - 03/15/2024 Enroll Now
1360  Advanced Cisco SD-WAN Routing, Templates, Policy Configuration, and Troubleshooting(ADVANCED SDWAN) V20  02/26/2024 - 03/01/2024 Enroll Now
129  Configuring and Administering Cisco WEBEX (Meetings, Calling, and Messaging) in the Cisco WebEx (CLOUD-CONFT) V1.0  03/04/2024 - 03/08/2024 Enroll Now
226  Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions Part 1 (ECMS1) V2.1  03/18/2024 - 03/18/2024 Enroll Now
225  Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions Part 2 (ECMS2) V2.1  03/19/2024 - 03/21/2024 Enroll Now
341  Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) V2.0  04/15/2024 - 04/19/2024 Enroll Now
1389  Designing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure V1.0  03/25/2024 - 03/29/2024 Enroll Now

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