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CCNP CyberOps Certification

Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional Certification (click here)


Prepare for the evolving landscape of cybersecurity 

As the complexity of cyberattacks continues to increase in size and scale, your organization needs highly qualified personnel to provide security expertise before, during, and after an attack. The demand is greater now than ever before for professionals with the knowledge and skills to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats, manage security incidents, automate security tasks, and secure the sensitive information of your organization. 

The Cisco® Certified CyberOps Professional 

This certification gives you knowledge and skills beyond simple firewalls and antivirus software and enables you to become a skilled CyberOps professional. This program is designed for mid-career professionals. This certification programs will equip you with the skills and knowledge for the following job roles: 

  • Sr. Information Security Analyst
  • Incident manager
  • Security Architect
  • Security analyst/Senior SOC analyst (Tier 2 and 3)

This certification is an investment that repays itself in improving your marketability, and enhancing your ability to respond to more sophisticated cyberattacks, and protect your organization’s data. 


To earn CCNP CyberOps, you pass two exams: a core exam and a concentration exam of your choice. 


  • The core exam, Performing CyberOps Using Cisco Security Technologies (350-201 CBRCOR)


Choose CCNP CyberOps concentration exam: 

  • Conducting Forensic Analysis and Incident Response Using Cisco Technologies for CyberOps (350-215 CBRFIR)

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