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In this 4-hour training, users will learn how to use WebEx Teams. Including how to create spaces for one on one spaces and Team Collaboration spaces. Students will also learn how to create and format Messages, schedule and manage one-on-one Meetings and Team Meetings, and use Webex Calling to communicate with other Webex Team users and PSTN Users.

Course Objectives


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Course Outline

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Upon completing this course, the student will be able to meet these objectives

  • WebEx Teams
  • WebEx Teams Clients
  • WebEx Teams Messaging
  • WebEx Teams Meetings
  • WebEx Teams Calling

  • N/A

  • WebEx Teams End Users


Module 1: Introduction to WebEx

  • Installing WebEx Teams Application
  • Installing WebEx Teams on IPhone/Android
  • Using the WebEx Teams Web Client
  • Desktop Requirements
  • Test Connectivity
  • Installing to WebEx App
  • Logging into WebEx Teams

Module 2: WebEx Teams Messaging

  • Create a one on one Message Space with an Individual (Contact a Person)
  • Create a Teams Space for a Group of Spaces for a Teams
  • Create a Message Space with an Group of Individuals (Create a Space)
  • White boarding
  • Using Spaces
    • Adding Someone to a Space
    • Change Your Status
    • Creating Messages
    • Emoji’s
    • Screen Captures
    • @Mentions
    • Sharing Files
    • Formatting Messages
    • Manage Notifications in Spaces
    • Flagging an Person in a Message
    • Make Someone a Moderator on a Team
    • Remove Someone from a Space
    • Lock Space
    • Share Files
    • Delete a Space
    • Find People, Spaces, Messages, and Files
    • Flag Important Messages
    • Filter Your Spaces and Content
    • Delete Messages and Files
    • Leave a Space
    • Archive a Team

Module 3: WebEx Teams Meeting

  • Supported Room Systems
  • Bandwidth Requirements
  • Cisco WebEx Teams Video Settings
  • Zero Touch Meetings
  • Creating a Video Meeting
  • Scheduling a Meeting With Invites
  • Share Content from a Laptop on Your Room Device
  • Screen Sharing
  • White Boarding
  • WebEx Teams and WebEx Integration

Module 4: WebEx Teams Calling

  • Audio, Video, PSTN Calling
  • Call Forward and Transfer
  • Hold/Resume with Video on Hold
  • Ad-hoc Conferencing