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In this Custom Training, Users will learn how to use the Jabber softphone in coordination with Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop. This training is for UCCX and UCCE Agents that work remotely or do not have assigned workspaces.

Course Objectives


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Upon completing this course, the student will be able to meet these objectives

  • Cisco Jabber Softphone
  • Finesse Desktop

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Module 1: Introduction to Jabber

  • Hard phone vs Softphone
  • Installing Jabber Application
  • Installing Jabber on IPhone/Android
  • Jabber VDI
  • Desktop Requirements
  • Test Connectivity

Module 2: Jabber Softphone

  • Opening Jabber
  • Answering a Call
  • Making a Call
  • Transferring a Call
  • Call Hold
  • Conferencing a Call
  • Releasing a Call
  • Redial
  • Checking Voicemail
  • Using Multiline

Module 3: Finesse Agent Desktop

  • Finesse Desktop
    • Finesse agent desktop
    • Finesse supervisor desktop
    • Finesse State
    • Finesse Multiline Report
  • Sign in to Finesse Desktop
  • Sign in as Mobile Agent
  • Change Agent State
    • Voice Channels
    • Multi-channel
  • Make a Call
  • Answer a Call
  • Desktop Chat
  • Transfer a Call
  • Apply Wrap up Codes
  • Resize Window
  • Sign Out of the Finesse Desktop
  • Supervisory Tasks
    • Supervisor Tasks
    • View Team Performance
    • View Active Call Details
    • View Recent Call History
    • View Recent State History
    • Change State of Agent
    • Monitor a Call
    • Barge In on a Call
    • Intercept a Call
    • Send Team Message