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CCNP Wireless
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5 Days
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This course is designed to give students a firm understanding of how to integrate voice over wireless LAN (VoWLAN) services into the WLAN and how to implement quality of service (QoS) and high-bandwidth applications into the wireless network.

Course Objectives

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Course Outline

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Upon completing this course, the student will be able to meet these objectives:

  • Implement QoS for wireless applications using best-practice guidelines
  • Describe evolution of voice technology from traditional through VoIP architecture and finally into VoWLAN
  • Implement a VoWLAN network infrastructure
  • Implement multicast in a wireless network
  • Configure the wireless infrastructure for video and high-bandwidth applications

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Network engineers, network administrators, network managers
  • System engineers, WLAN designers, project managers
  • Individuals wishing to attain the CCNP Wireless certification

The knowledge and skills that a learner must have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1)
  • Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2)
  • Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials (IUWNE) v2.0
  • Knowledge of the Cisco Lifecycle deployment
  • Basic knowledge of wireless standards (IEEE), wireless regulator environment (FCC, European Telecommunications Standards Institute [ETSI], etc.), and the wireless certification organization, Wi-Fi Alliance

Module 1: Implementation of QoS for Wireless Applications

  • Identifying General Considerations for Wired and Wireless QoS
  • Describing Wireless QoS Deployment Schemes
  • Configuring the Controller, Cisco WCS, and IOS AP for QoS
  • Configuring the Wired Infrastructure for QoS
  • Analyzing CAPWAP Traffic

Module 2: Voice over Wireless Architecture

  • Describing the Voice Architecture
  • Describing VoWLAN Call Flow
  • Designing Wireless for Voice
  • Verifying Voice Readiness

Module 3: Implementation of VoWLAN

  • Describing Hardware and Software Requirements for VoIP
  • Configuring a WLAN for Voice
  • Configuring Infrastructure Devices for End-to-End Voice over Wireless
  • Configuring Wireless Client Devices
  • Troubleshooting VoWLAN

Module 4: Implementation of Multicast over Wireless

  • Describing General Multicast Concepts
  • Describing Implications for Multicast in 802.11
  • Configuring Multicast in a Wireless Network
  • Troubleshooting Multicast in a Wireless Network

Module 5: Preparation of the Wireless Network for Video and High-Bandwidth Applications

  • Implementing QoS for Latency-Sensitive Applications
  • Determining Bandwidth Requirements and Preparing the Controller for Video
  • Describing the Benefits of 802.11n for Video


  • Configuring QoS on the Controller
  • Configuring End-to-End QoS on a Router
  • Capturing and Analyzing QoS Parameters
  • Managing the WLAN from Cisco WCS
  • Verifying the Network Infrastructure and Placing a Call
  • Working with Profiles
  • Configuring Wireless Security for Voice Devices
  • Conducting a VoWLAN Survey
  • Configuring the Wireless Network for Multicast
  • Creating a Video WLAN
  • Testing Video with VideoStream