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Fundamentals of Communication provides an overview of the basic principles of business communication. It provides guidelines and best practices for effectively communicating in the workplace, thereby improving productivity and mutual understanding in culturally diverse business organizations.

This course examines the components of the interpersonal communication process and communication in different settings. It is designed to enable you to improve your skills as communicators and focuses on how better communication between individuals can improve one’s function as a manager or employee

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Course Objectives

Course Audience

Course Content

  • Communicate formally and informally in business so there is a mutual understanding between the sender and the receiver.
  • Write clear, concise business communication so that it has a positive and meaningful impact on the reader and achieves the desired result.
  • Use graphics in business communication so that facts, processes, and summaries are effectively designed to convey visual and textual information.
  • Use verbal and non-verbal communication appropriately in business so that there are no barriers to mutual understanding in culturally diverse organizations.
  • Use electronic communication in business so that you observe proper etiquette and ensure professionalism to send and receive messages.

  • Anyone who needs to communicate more effectively

Fundamentals of CommunicationCommunication 10

Lesson 1: Understanding Business Communication

  • Identify Basic Communication Techniques
  • Describe Formal and Informal Communication

Lesson 2: Communicating in Writing

  • Write Effective Business Documents
  • Write Effective Business Letters
  • Write Effective Memos
  • Write Effective Reports

Lesson 3: Communicating with Graphics

  • Create Graphics for Business Communication
  • Communicate Static Information
  • Communicate Dynamic Information

Lesson 4: Using Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

  • Describe Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
  • Identify Elements of Effective Meetings
  • Identify Elements of Effective Presentations
  • Read Body Language

Lesson 5: Communicating Electronically

  • Using Voice Communication in Business
  • Using Internet Communication in Business