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Time is a form of currency, and the ways that we talk about it illustrate its value: we say “Time is money,” and “My time was well spent,” or “It’s a waste of time.” Like most professionals, you’ve probably struggled with managing this resource effectively. In this course, you will practice techniques that will help you achieve more effective use of your time so that you can direct your energy towards the activities that will further your professional and personal goals.

Our high-powered Time Management Training Skills courses will help participants to identify and overcome barriers to effective time and management issues. Proven time management skills, time management approaches and time management strategy development will help determine how much energy, resources, and task coverage is needed.

Business Skills the CTCLC Way

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Being successful in the business world means having a broad range of up-to-date business skills. Project management, marketing and sales training are traditional areas of skill development, but how are your “soft” skills? Business writing, conflict management, negotiation and stress management are some of the many important soft skills a business person needs to succeed in today’s marketplace Our experienced instructors give real-world scenarios to help you understand and deal with tough concepts. CTCLC has convenient day or night schedules to fit your needs. We can also do onsite classes with our top notch portable labs.

Our instructors are the very best and give 110% to their Students. We Care about every student that we train and we have a free resit policy for all of our courses for the same revision. You will not find a better training experience anywhere.

Course Objectives

Course Audience

Course Content

  • Articulate your goals.
  • Analyze how you are currently allocating your most precious resources: energy and time.
  • Identify elements of your personal work style that contribute to your effective use of time.
  • Assemble a collection of time-management tools and strategies to take control of your time.
  • Create an action plan for your time-management process and identify ways to evaluate and improve your effort

  • Anyone who needs to use their time more effectively

Module 1: Defining Goalstime2

  • Define Time Management
  • Describe Your Dreams
  • Identify Regrets
  • Articulate Goals

Module 2: Analyzing Energy Allocation

  • Identify How Energy Is Spent
  • Analyze Tasks
  • Analyze Time Usage
  • Analyze Energy Flow

Module 3: Identifying Personal Style

  • Review a Successful Day or Project
  • Analyze Your Preferences
  • Identify Personal Strengths
  • Identify Personal Motivators
  • Reduce Time Wasters

Module 4: Assembling the Toolbox

  • Negotiate for Success
  • Delegate Tasks
  • Choose Tools that Work for You

Module 5: Creating an Action Plan

  • Create the Action Plan
  • Evaluate the Time-Management Process