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5 Days
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This 5 Day course will teach learners how to design and deploy a solution using Cisco IWAN that improves application performance over the WAN while enabling infrastructure consolidation. The learner will also understand Cisco IWAN Technologies such as PFRv3, AVC, WAAS, Akamai Connect, Zone Based Firewall.

Course Objectives


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Course Outline

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Upon completing this course, the student will be able to meet these objectives:

  • The IWAN Transport Overlay
  • Performance Routing Version 3
  • Cisco AVC
  • Cisco WAAS
  • Cisco APPNAV
  • Akamai Connect
  • Direct Internet Access (DIA)
  • Branch Security
  • IWAN Management Using Prime and LiveAction

  • Completion of the Cisco SD-WAN Operation and Deployment (ENSDW) course or equivalent experience
  • Knowledge of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) concepts as applied to large-scale live network deployments
  • Strong understanding of enterprise wide area network design
  • Strong understanding of routing protocol operation, including both interior and exterior routing protocol operation
  • Familiarity with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and IP Security (IPSec)

The job roles best suited to the material in this course are:

  • System installers
  • System integrators
  • System administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Solutions designers

Module 1: IWAN Overview

  • Why Use IWAN
  • IWAN Base Concepts
  • IWAN

Module 2: Transport Independent Design (Dual DMVPN)

  • EIGRP Overlay Routing
  • BGP Routing on the Overlay Backbone
  • Dynamic Multipoint VPN
  • DMVPN Phase Summary
  • Front Door VRF
  • DMVPN Configuration – Hub IKEv2 and IPSec
  • DMVPN Configuration – Hub Tunnels
  • DMVPN Configuration – Spokes IKEv2 and IPSec
  • DMVPN Configuration – Spokes Tunnels
  • Check DMVPN
  • Routing Principles

Module 3: PfR Configuration

  • PfR Overview
  • IWAN Sites
    • Device Components and Role
    • Hub Master Controller
    • Hub Border Routers
    • Transit Master Controller
    • Transit Border Routers
    • Branch Routers
    • PfR Policies
    • Advanced Parameters
  • Checking Domain Discovery
    • Hub Site
    • Check Branch Sites
  • Monitoring Operations
    • Monitor Site Prefixes
    • Monitor Traffic Classes
    • Traffic Class Summary
    • Traffic Class Details
  • Monitor Channels

Module 4: Cisco Wide-Area Application Services

  • Introducing Cisco WAAS
  • Installing and Configuring the Virtual Environment
  • Installing and Configuring Cisco VWAAS
  • Implementing Cisco Central Management
  • Configuring Application Traffic Policies
  • Configuring Cisco VWAAS Virtualization
  • Introducing Cisco WAAS Traffic Interception

 Module 5: Cisco APPNAV

  • Installing APPNAV Controllers
  • APPNAV-XE Controller Configuration
  • Monitoring the APPNAV Controller
  • APPNAV Troubleshooting-XE
  • APPNAV Troubleshooting

 Module 6: Cisco WAAS Application Optimizers

  • Configuring CIFS Optimization
  • Configuring TFO Optimization
  • Configuring MAPI Optimization
  • Configuring HTTP Optimization
  • Configuring SSL and Optimization
  • Configuring Cisco WAAS Windows Network Printing
  • Configuring Streaming Video Optimization
  • Configuring MS-port-mapper Optimization
  • Configuring ICA Optimization
  • Configuring NFS Optimization
  • Configuring Video Optimization

 Module 7: Cisco WAAS Troubleshooting

  • Reporting
  • Troubleshooting Introduction
  • Troubleshooting Network Interception
  • Troubleshooting WAN Optimization
  • Files For TAC Troubleshooting

 Module 8: Akamai Connect

  • Akamai Connect Overview

Module 9: Intelligent WAN: Secure Connectivity

  • IPSec VPN and Access Control
  • Cisco Router Security Certifications
  • Secure Boot
  • IOS Zone-Based Firewall
  • Protecting the Public facing IWAN Interfaces with FrontDoor VRF
  • General IOS Security measures for Internet facing interfaces Cloud Web Security (CWS)

Module 10: Managing the IWAN Environment

  • Prime Infrastructure
  • LiveAction


  • Configure Overlay Network with DMVPN
  • Configure Performance Routing v3
  • Installing and Configuring Cisco VWAAS
  • Installing and Configuring Cisco ISR-WAAS
  • Configuring Cisco APPNAV
  • Configure WAAS Central Manager
  • Configure and Optimize – Application Optimizers
  • Configure Akamai Connect
  • Troubleshoot Cisco ISR-WAAS and VWAA
  • Configure Prime Infrastructure and LiveAction
  • Configuring IWAN Router Security