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5 Days
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This is a five-day Cloud Conferencing instructor-led course where students will learn how to Provision, Manage, and Register Telepresence endpoints in the WebEx Cloud. Students will also learn how to migrate their existing on-prem devices to the Cisco Telepresence Cloud. Students will also learn to integrate Hybrid Mesh nodes, Hybrid Calendaring, Hybrid Security, and Webex Teams with their existing Infrastructure.

Course Objectives

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Course Outline

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Upon completing this course, the student will be able to meet these objectives:

  • Student will learn how to provision and Manage Video Endpoints in the Cisco Cloud
  • Students will also learn how to deploy hybrid Call Service for WebEx Teams Users and WebEx Video Devices
  • Students will learn how to configure the Hybrid Video Mesh Nodes for Cloud Conferring
  • Students will learn how to configure the Cisco Directory Connector and Synchronize Active Directory Users
  • Students will learn how to integrate Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or Google Calendar
  • Students will use Hybrid Calendar Service to schedule meetings
  • Students will learn how to Integrate Cisco WebEx Hybrid Data Security
  • Students will learn how to Integrate Cisco WebEx Hybrid Message Service to Integrate your existing Jabber and IM&P Infrastructure

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Network Video Administrators
  • Collaboration Administrator
  • Network Video Engineer
  • Voice/UC/Collaboration/Communications Engineer
  • Collaboration Sales/Systems Engineer

  • N/A

Module 0: Introductions

Module 1: Overview of Cisco Cloud Registered Endpoints

  • DX 70/80
  • SX 10/20/80
  • MX 700/800
  • Room Kit Mini
  • Room Kit
  • Room Kit Plus
  • Room Kit Pro
  • WebEx Board
  • Desktop Pro
  • Webex Share

Module 2: Configure WebEx Control Hub and Registering Endpoints

  • Network Assessment and Provisioning
  • Cisco WebEx Teams Control Hub
  • Cisco WebEx Teams Control Hub Pro Pack
  • Creating Cisco WebEx Teams Sites
  • Integrating Cisco WebEx Teams with Active Directory
  • Integrating Cisco WebEx with ADFS
  • Managing User and Features
  • Configuring Cisco Expressway Integration
  • Checking the WebEx Teams Health
  • Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) With WebEx Teams
  • Integrating Cisco Jabber with WebEx Teams
  • Registering Cisco Phones using WebEx
  • Register TelePresence Endpoints with the WebEx Cloud.
  • Integrating On-Premise TelePresence with WebEx Cloud TelePresence
  • Registering WebEx Boards
  • Managing User and Assigned Features
  • Using Analytics for reporting on Meetings

Module 3: Configuring WebEx Services

  • Configuring the WebEx Meeting Service
    • Supported Room Systems
    • Configuring WebEx Meetings
    • Configuring TelePresence Cloud Meetings
    • Configuring Hybrid Meeting
  • Configuring the Video Mesh Node (Hybrid Media Node)
    • Overview of Video Mesh Service
    • Prepare Your Environment
    • Deploy Video Mesh Service
    • Monitoring the Video Mesh Service
    • Configuring Conferences to use the Video Mesh for Local Conferences.
    • Using the Video Mesh Node for Local Conferencing
    • Troubleshoot Video Mesh Service
  • Configuring the Hybrid Calendaring Service
    • Overview of Hybrid Calendar Service
    • Configuring Hybrid Calendar Service for Microsoft Exchange
    • Configuring Hybrid Calendar Service with Office 365
    • Configuring Hybrid Calendar Service for a Hybrid Exchange Environment
    • Configuring Hybrid Calendar with Google Calendar
    • Configuring Conferences using the Calendar Service
    • Troubleshoot Cisco Calendar Service
  • Configuring the Hybrid Directory Service
    • Overview of Cisco Directory Connector
    • Integrate Microsoft Active Directory
    • Deploy Cisco Directory Connector
    • Manage Cisco Directory Connector
    • Manage Cisco WebEx User Accounts
    • Troubleshoot Cisco Directory Connector
  • Configuring the Hybrid Call Service
    • Overview of Hybrid Call Services
    • Integrating WebEx Teams with Cisco Unified Communications Manager
    • Deploy Hybrid Call Service Aware
    • Deploy Hybrid Call Service Connect
    • Deploy Hybrid Call Service for Cisco WebEx Devices
    • Troubleshoot Hybrid Call Services
  • Configuring Hybrid Data Security (optional)
    • Hybrid Data Security Overview
    • Set up a Hybrid Data Security Cluster
    • Manage HDS Deployment
    • View Alerts and Troubleshoot
  • Configuring Cisco WebEx Enterprise Site Management (optional)
    • Using Cisco WebEx Control Hub for WebEx Site Administration
    • WebEx Enterprise administration configuration
    • Common Settings
    • Meeting Center Configuration
    • Event Center Configuration
    • Training Center Configuration
    • WebEx Enterprise Reporting

Module 4: Cloud Meetings

  • Supported Room Systems
  • Bandwidth Requirements
  • Proximity
  • Cisco WebEx Teams Video Settings
  • Zero Touch Meetings
  • Scheduling a Meeting with Invites
  • Join a Meeting from a Cloud Registered Endpoint
  • Join a Meeting using WebEx Teams
  • Join a Meeting using a WebEx Board
  • Join a Meeting from an on premise Telepresence Endpoint
  • Join a Meeting from Jabber
  • Join a Meeting from a Non Cisco Endpoint
  • Join a Meeting from a Cisco Phone
  • Using a Video Mesh for Internal Conference Participants
  • Share Content from a Laptop on Your Room Device
  • Video Layouts
  • Screen Sharing
  • White boarding

Module 5: WebEx Teams

  • WebEx Teams Client
    • WebEx Teams Introduction
    • Network Test
    • Provisioning WebEx Teams Client Features
    • Provisioning IPads
    • Provisioning IPhones
    • Provision Android Phones
    • WebEx Teams Messaging
    • WebEx Teams Meetings
    • WebEx Teams Calling
    • WebEx Teams Care
    • WebEx Teams Hybrid Deployments
  • WebEx Teams Messaging
    • Free Messaging vs Name User License Messaging
    • Creating a one on one Message Space with an Individual
    • Creating Persistent Messaging for a Group of Users
    • Adding People to the Spaces
    • @Mentions
    • Presentations
    • White boarding
    • 1 on 1 Tutoring
    • Annotation
    • Sharing Files
    • Using Spaces
    • Adding Someone to a Space
    • Change Your Status
    • Creating Messages
    • Formatting Messages
    • Manage Notifications in Spaces
    • Flagging a Person in a Message
    • Make Someone a Moderator on a Team
    • Remove Someone from a Space
    • Lock Space
    • Share Files
    • Delete a Space
    • Find People, Spaces, Messages, and Files
    • Flag Important Messages
    • Filter Your Spaces and Content
    • Delete Messages and Files
    • Leave a Space
    • Archive a Team
  • WebEx Teams Meeting Features
    • WebEx Teams Software Application
    • Cisco Expressway
    • Hybrid Media Services
    • Cisco WebEx Teams Proximity
    • Bandwidth Requirements
    • Creating a Video Meeting
    • Scheduling a Meeting with Invites
    • WebEx Teams and WEBEX Integration

Module 6: WebEx Boards

  • Cisco WebEx Teams Board
  • WebEx Teams Board Capabilities
  • WebEx Teams Board Setup
  • Mounting Options
  • Syncing the WebEx Teams app with WebEx Teams Board
  • White boarding
  • Sharing Files
  • WebEx Teams Board Ad-Hoc Meeting
  • WebEx Teams Board Space Meeting

Module 7: Monitoring / Troubleshooting the WebEx Teams Service

  • Check Status of WebEx Services
  • Using WebEx Analytics
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot Meeting Quality using analytics
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot WebEx Teams using analytics
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot Endpoints using analytics
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot Hybrid Services using the Expressway
  • Monitoring Endpoints
  • Troubleshooting Endpoint Registration
  • External Health Portal
  • Support and feedback through WebEx Teams App
  • Troubleshooting Cisco WebEx Teams



  • Register Endpoints
  • Provisioning the cisco DX Telepresence unit
  • Provision SX80/ Roomkit
  • Provisioning Users
  • Provisioning the 8865 Phone
  • Installing WebEx Teams Application
  • Configure Hybrid Calling
    • Integration with Unified Communications Manager
  • Configure Hybrid Calendar
    • Integration with Exchange
  • Configure Hybrid Directory Service
    • Single Sign-On (SSO) Configuration with ADFS
    • O365 Integrations to WebEx
  • Configure Hybrid Video Mesh
    • Monitor Local Nodes in a conference
  • Configure Hybrid Data Security (optional)
  • Manage WebEx Enterprise Sites
  • Meetings
    • Configure Meetings
    • Scheduling meetings
    • Monitor Meetings
    • Troubleshoot Meetings
  • Using the WebEx Control Hub for Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • WebEx Teams
    • Exploring the WebEx Teams Interface
    • Creating WebEx Teams Spaces
    • Using Messaging
    • Adding users to Spaces
    • Using the End User Self-care Portal
    • Trouble Shooting WebEx Teams