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5 Days
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This is a five day instructor-led custom course that is hands-on training course that teaches the features of CVP Call Studio to build self-service IVR applications and to run and maintain them on the CVP VXML Server, and to interface with UCCE/ICM scripts. Students have ample practice analyzing log files for debugging and using administrative scripts for graceful updates and suspensions of

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The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Technical personnel, who want to create, deploy and maintain self-service VoiceXML applications using CVP Studio and CVP
    VoiceXML Server in conjunction with a Cisco Universal Voice Gateway.
  • Sales or technical personnel who require a general understanding of the above.

Module 1: Exploring VXML

  • What is VMXL?
  • Describe the benefits of VXML
  • Describe the components of the Cisco Unified CVP VXML solution

Module 2: Installing and Configuring VXML

  • Configure the Unified CVP VXML Server in the Cisco Unified CVP Operations Console
  • Configure a Cisco Unified Call Studio project
  • Deploy a Cisco Unified Call Studio project and describe the administrative tasks necessary to ensure that applications are running correctly on the VXML server
  • Describe ICM Considerations for VXML Application Support

Module 3: Installing Unified Call Studio
Module 4: Creating a New Project and Exploring the Call Studio
Module 5: Call Studio Building Blocks
Module 6: Call Studio Debugger
Module 7: Building a Healthcare Application
Module 8: Database and Email Connectivity
Module 9: Courtesy Call Back in Depth and Whisper

  • Define Courtesy Callback and its components
  • Examine the flow of a Courtesy Callback.
  • Examine the design considerations of Courtesy Callback
  • Describe how to configure a script for Courtesy Callback

Module 10: Agent Greeting and Whisper Greeting

  • Discuss the five steps used to create an Agent Greeting on the VXML Server
  • Examine considerations for deploying Agent Greeting
  • Describe how to configure Agent Greeting using an ICM Script
  • Describe how to use the Test Record Greeting feature in Agent Desktop

Module 11: Troubleshooting Call Studio

  • Define basic Cisco Unified CVP troubleshooting strategies
  • Use device status indications to isolate problems
  • Troubleshoot an ingress and egress Cisco IOS gateway
  • Troubleshoot Cisco VXML Gateways
  • Troubleshoot Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise
  • Troubleshoot transfers
  • Describe online support assistance methods

Lab 1: “Hello World” Application
Lab 2: Sales Or Support Application
Lab 3: “AgeIdentification” Application
Lab 4: Application Transfer
Lab 5: “Receptionist” Application
Lab 6: Troubleshooting