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This 3-day Webex Administration instructor-led course will enable students to Provision and Administer a Cisco WebEx Meetings Solution. Students will learn how to Administer, Configure, and Troubleshoot Webex Meetings. Students will also learn how to set up Webex User Accounts, Manage Site Options, Configure Meeting Options, Allow Video Systems to Join Meetings, Configure Branding for Site Customization, Manage Recordings, Manage Session Types, Manage and View Reports, and Troubleshoot issues with conferences.


Course Objectives


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Course Outline

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Upon completing this course, the student will be able to meet these objectives:

  • Overview of Cisco WebEx
  • Setting up and Administrating the WebEx Control Hub for WebEx
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Site Management
  • Managing User Account
  • Manage Site Options
  • Configure Meeting Options
  • Configure Branding for Site Customization
  • Manage Recordings
  • Manage Session Types and Templates
  • Manage and View Reports
  • WebEx Video Mesh Node
  • WebEx Security
  • Troubleshoot issues with conferences

  • N/A

  • Network Video Administrators
  • Collaboration Administrators
  • Network Video Engineer

Module 0: Introductions

Module 1: WebEx Overview

  • WebEx One Cloud Platform
  • Teams Client for Webex Meetings
  • WEBEX Multi-streaming Video
  • Minimally Transcoded Conferencing (MTC)
  • Video Mesh Node WebEx Meetings
  • WebEx Meeting Architecture Overview
  • WebEx Redundancy/Failover/Scale Topology
  • WebEx Direct Connect (Peering, in EFT)
  • Traffic Flow Recommendations
  • WebEx Meetings App Desktop Client
  • Windows Productivity Tools
  • WebApp, The Client-less WebEx Client (browser)
  • Windows Productivity Tools Admin
  • Productivity Tools Deployment
  • Auto-Upgrade Prompt Triggers
  • Webex Hybrid Audio
  • Audio: WebEx PSTN coverage expansion

Module 2: Setting up and Administering the WebEx Teams Service

  • Network Assessment and Provisioning
  • Cisco WebEx Teams Control Hub
  • Cisco WebEx Teams Control Hub Pro Pack
  • Integrating Cisco WebEx with Active Directory
  • Managing User and Features
  • Checking the WebEx Health
  • Provisioning Cisco Phones
  • Provisioning Telepresence Endpoints
  • Provisioning WebEx App Soft Client
  • Provisioning IPads
  • Provisioning IPhones
  • Provision Android Phones

Module 3: WebEx User Accounts Management

  • WebEx User Account Management Options
  • Manage User Accounts in Cisco WebEx Site Administration
  • Manage User Account Privileges in Cisco WebEx Site Administration
  • Batch Import and Export WebEx Users in WebEx Site Administration
  • Send Email Messages to All WebEx Site Users
  • Simplified User Management
  • SSO Configuration Resources
  • Prerequisites for Teams Meetings Experience
  • Link WebEx Site and WebEx Teams
  • Analytics
  • WebEx Diagnostics
  • WebEx Teams using existing WebEx Credentials
  • Site Linking Mode Models
  • Site Linking: Verify Domains
  • Preferred Architecture for Site Linking

Module 4: WebEx Site Administration

  • Common Settings


    • Site Options
    • Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR)
    • Company Addresses
    • Disclaimers
    • Email Template
    • Mobile
    • Navigation Customization
    • Productivity Tools
    • Scheduler
    • Security
    • Site Information
    • User Privileges
  • Meeting Center
    • Site Options
    • Default Options
    • Navigation Customization
    • Scheduling Templates
  • Event Center
    • Site Options
    • Default Options
    • E-Commerce
    • Navigation Customization
    • Reassignment
    • Registration Form
    • Scheduling Templates

Module 5: WebEx Personal Meeting Rooms (PMR)

  • Settings
  • My Meetings
  • My Personal Room
  • My Files
  • My Contacts
  • My Profile
  • Preferences


    • General
    • “Meet Now” Settings
    • Audio Set up
    • Video Systems
    • My Personal Room
    • Scheduling Templates
    • Scheduling Options
    • Support Center
  • My Reports
    • All Services
      • Usage Report
      • View usage information for your meetings
    • Meeting Center:
      • Meeting Recording Report
      • View a list of attendees who have downloaded or viewed a meeting recording
    • Event Center:
      • Registration Report
      • View registration information, and send reminder emails before the event. After the event, you can also view whether a registrant attended or was absent.
      • Attendance Report
      • View attendance information for any event. You can send follow-up emails after the event.
      • In-Event Activity Report
    • Support Center:
      • Session Query Tool
      • Report on session information for selected Queue(s) or CSR(s)
      • CSR Activity
      • Report on session information for selected CSR(s)

Module 6: WebEx Meeting App

  • WebEx Meetings App
  • WebEx Media Source UDP Port Ranges for Apps and Devices
  • WebEx/CMR Port/FW Table—WebEx Desktop/Mobile
  • WebEx/CMR Port/FW Table—TelePresence
  • Expressway Preferred Deployment
  • Policy in Layers
  • Firewall Issues


    • Deep Packet Inspection
    • H.323/SIP protocol ‘Fixup’
    • Stateful connection monitoring
    • Application Layer Gateways
    • NAT reflection seen as malicious traffic
  • Firewall Troubleshooting
  • Firewalls Takeaways

Module 7: Bandwidth Selection

  • WebEx Desktop Clients Bandwidth vs Resolution (docked)
  • WebEx Desktop Clients Bandwidth vs Resolution (full-screen)
  • Room System Endpoints Bandwidth vs Resolution Main Video [typical]
  • Room System Endpoints Bandwidth vs Resolution Content Channel [typical]

Module 8: WebEx QoS

  • WebEx QoS Guidelines


    • Rate Adaptation
    • Media Resilience
    • Network Intelligence
  • WebEx Teams Client- Source & Destination UDP
  • WebEx Meetings Client- Source & Destination UDP
  • Media Identification
  • Video Traffic: non-QoS Case Study
  • Network Impairment Tolerance Specifics for Webex Meetings
  • WebEx QoS WiFi
    • WebEx, Teams, and Jabber Mark UP (User Priority) and DSCP Natively
  • WebEx Meetings Desktop/mobile
  • Teams Desktop clients/mobile/Cloud Registered Endpoints
  • Video Mesh

Module 9: WebEx Security

  • Secure Design is Critical
  • Cisco Multi-Layer Security Model
  • Multi-tenancy isolation Data security model
  • Targeted Use of Standards-Based Cryptography
  • Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT)

Module 10: WebEx Mesh Node Overview

  • What is it
  • WebEx Mesh Architecture
  • WebEx Mesh Node – CUCM
  • WebEx Mesh Node – Cloud

Module 11: Cisco WebEx Control Hub Reports

  • Cisco WebEx Control Hub
  • Reports
  • Resources Reports : Total Calls and Cloud Calls Cards
  • Resources Reports : Call Activity graph with active cloud calls
  • Resources Reports : Call Distribution Report for On-Premises Clusters
  • Cascade Bandwidth Reports
  • Bandwidth Reports
  • Reports
  • Adoption Reports- Total Meetings Card and Graphs By host type
  • Adoption Reports- Type of Clients Card and Graph