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Instructorctclc admin
TypeOnsite Course
1 Days
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This is a one-day Webex Board instructor-led course teaching students how to Provision, Configure and Administer a WebEx Team Board for Collaboration Teams.


Course Objectives


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Course Outline

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Upon completing this course, the student will be able to meet these objectives:

  • Overview of Cisco WebEx Boards
  • Setting up and configuring WebEx Board
  • Using WebEx Teams Board
  • Troubleshooting  WebEx Team Boards
  • WebEx Teams API

  • N/A

  • WebEx Board Power Users
  • Network Video Administrators
  • Collaboration Administrators
  • Network Video Engineer
  • Voice/UC/Collaboration/Communications Engineer
  • Collaboration Tools Engineer
  • Collaboration Sales/Systems Engineer

Module 0: Introductions

Module 1: Overview of Cisco WebEx Board

  • Introducing the WebEx Board
  • WebEx Board Capabilities
  • WebEx Board Considerations
  • WebEx Board 55
  • WebEx Board 70
  • WebEx Board 85

Module 2: Setting up and Configuring WebEx Board

  • Unpacking WebEx Boards
  • Mounting options for the WebEx Board
  • WebEx Board Touch 10 Support
  • Audio Arrays for WebEx Board
  • Cisco WebEx Board Pen
  • WebEx Board Easy Installation
  • WebEx Board Activation
  • WebEx Board Registration to Cloud
  • WebEx Board Registration to CUCM
  • Software Updates
  • Setting up email for annotation and White boarding
  • Using the WebEx Board as a Digital Signage
  • Setup Branding on the WebEx Boards
  • Reset to Factory Default
  • User Interface
    • Device Settings
    • Call Quality
    • Check health and Services
    • Check Camera

Module 3: Using the WebEx Board

  • Using the WebEx Board as Standalone Conference Unit
  • Using the WebEx Board with WebEx Teams App
  • Pairing WebEx Teams app with the WebEx Board
  • Making Calls with the WebEx Board
  • Whiteboarding with the WebEx Board
  • Collaborating with WebEx Board
  • Using Wireless sharing
  • Using WebEx Board attach to a WebEx Teams Space
  • WebEx Board Companion Mode

Module 4: Troubleshooting the WebEx Board

  • On-Screen Diagnostics
  • Camera Check
  • Media Quality
  • Web Interface
  • Web Interface – Diagnostics
  • Web Interface – Monitoring Calls
  • Web Interface – Call Control
  • Web Interface – System Logs
  • Web Interface – Call Logs
  • Troubleshooting Registration
  • Troubleshooting Connectivity


  • Installing WebEx Teams Application
  • Setup WebEx Board
  • Configuring WebEx Board
  • Configure advanced settings
  • Configuring Conferences with WebEx Boards
  • Making calls with WebEx Boards
  • Joining Spaces With WebEx Boards
  • Whiteboarding WebEx Board Sessions
  • Annotating WebEx Board sessions
  • Monitor WebEx Board Sessions
  • Troubleshooting WebEx Board Sessions